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The Filipino community stands out in its qualities for being sweet, affectionate, committed and very patient, who like to deal with the little ones at home, creating a loving and endearing relationship with them and with the whole family.

Filipinos are very respectful to all family members. It is a value that is transmitted from parents to children and that defines their way of being and behaving.

Our Filipino babysitters speak both Filipino and English, so they will be able to communicate with the whole family in both languages. Moreover, they also have previous proven experience in caring for babies, children and teenagers.

  • Personal hygiene of the child
  • Specific care for babies
  • Daily cooking
  • Accompanying and picking up children to school
  • Games, walks and company
  • Daily and night care
  • Washing and ironing clothes
  • Order rooms and cleaning the area

Tell us about your family situation, number of children, ages and expectations so that from Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency we can start our exclusive selection process until we find the most suitable candidates for your children and for the whole family.

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