Leave your children in good hands with LPDS

The schedules of our working day with those of our little ones are not always compatible. And it is that taking them to school, many times, is impossible, but going to look for them even more! For this reason, having the comfort and security that a trustworthy person will take care of them is a real luxury! But who to trust? Well, clearly, we have the answer at Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency.

At LPDS, if there is one thing we are clear about, it is that we want our team of domestic professionals to be highly trained to be able to take care of the youngest and oldest at home. And it is that taking responsibility for a house is also synonymous with worrying and ensuring the good of those who live in it. Thus, our goal is to have the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated babysitters and caregivers in the city.

And, without a doubt, the Filipino community cannot be the most successful to carry out this type of task. Why? Well, because they are very sweet, affectionate people who are 100% committed to people, to homes and to their work. Their values ​​and beliefs make them the best references that the little ones at home can have, when their parents are not with them. And it is for this reason that in our agency we only have professionals of Filipino origin to, in this way, offer excellent and impeccable service.

But what kind of care can our babysitters offer you if you hire this service? Well, take note:

  1. The care that our home professionals will carry out will be perfectly adapted to the needs of children, from the smallest to the youngest.
  2. The values ​​that our nannies will transmit will be very enriching for them and suitable for them to have a good education, which will go hand in hand with that of their parents. And it is that they will comply with the instructions that parents give their children and will transmit these values ​​and these norms in the best possible way.
  3. They will teach them all kinds of skills, from improving or learning with English, to any subject or concept you need to learn. All our professionals have studies and have graduated in their country. So they have high capacities and a high cultural level.
  4. They will give them the protection and security that their little ones need, creating a safe space, accompanying them at all times and taking care of them from any danger, threat or incident.
  5. They will be able to adapt to your schedules and even live internally with your family, so that you can be by the side of the little ones at any time, especially in those situations in which you will not be able to be.
  6. They will take care of personal hygiene, of the specific care that the child requires, of cooking for them, accompanying them to any place, washing and ironing their clothes, or ordering and cleaning their room.


Do you want to meet our candidates? Do not worry, contact us and we will inform you of everything you need to know about our home professionals.