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Hire an amazing philippine babysitter for your kids

Are you looking for a babysitter in whom you can trust something as important as the life and day-to-day life of your children? It is difficult enough to find a Philippine babysitter who is available when you need it, to find someone you can trust 100% in the well-being of your children, right?

Worry no more, because, if you put yourself in the hands of Luxury Philippine D. S. Agency, we assure you a trusted babysitter after an intense search process among all our available staff and with the necessary experience to perform this important role for your family.

Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency – specialized in finding the perfect babysitter for your family

Why not leave this process in the hands of professionals to ensure a precise and reliable search as possible? With us, in addition, you have the option of making your Philippine babysitter replacements as many times as she needs within the first 6 months, something that very few agencies can offer.


How would you know if the Philippine babysitter fits in my family

It is very difficult to find someone you trust who can take care of our children. Thorough research beforehand is essential to see if the personalities of parents and children fit the Philippine babysitter. With us, having our staff of trusted professionals, the process will be much easier.

Among our babysitters, you can choose the one you want that fits your needs. Do you want me to work on time? Do you prefer it to be a stay-in? Looking for a babysitter to count on at the last minute? We take into account all your requirements so that the person we introduce you to is the perfect one and you don’t have to look any further.

What requirements may interest you from your babysitter:

  • An energetic personality
  • Have knowledge of child care and child development
  • That your interaction with the little ones is respectful, but firm
  • That their parenting method adapts to that of the family
  • Who has experience in a family similar to yours
  • Be punctual and show interest

Above all, the most important requirement is that your children like their babysitter. Preparing them for their arrival can make the process easier for everyone, and that the babysitter is respectful of the little ones’ routines, that she can play, help them with homework or simply be there for when they are needed is essential.

If you want to meet our Philippine babysitter staff, you can contact us and we will arrange the visit so that you can meet us. At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency we want our staff to fit in with your family, so our work is always careful and thorough.