Where and how can you find the best Philippine domestic service personnel?

The routine, the daily demands and obligations, as well as the work and the moments of leisure make it impossible for us to carry out all the household task that must be carried out day after day. For this reason, hiring a housekeeper is necessary. At Luxury Philipine DS Agency we provide the best Philippine domestic service personnel.

There are many advantages when hiring domestic staff,  decreases your worries, your home will be clean and organized 24 hours a day, and you will be able to save time and effort. However, it is important to know how to choose the right personnel. Many families wonder who to trust, who is the right person, how can I be sure that I have made a good choice. Well, in our company we will answer your questions.

Without a doubt, finding the perfect person can be a difficult challenge , but not for an agency like ours. Therefore, resorting to our company will help you obtain the best Filipino personnel for your home and for your family, since we will carry out intensive interviews with each applicants, to know how they work and what´s their strengths as professionals, if they are adequate  for you or if they are trustworthy.

There is no doubt that they will be the  person who will live with a new family.


Each Philippine domestic service personnel chosen and defined for each service


In our agency we have experienced employees, with the appropriate training and with full confidence towards them. We have been working hand in hand with this professional and responsible team for some time, which has previously passed an intensive selection. There is no doubt that responsibility, efficiency and trust are the terms we value most in each of the people who work for us.

In Luxury Philippine DS Agency we take care of all the legal procedures, we offer guarantees of replacement and benefits that other agencies do not offer.  In order to choose the perfect employee for you, we need to know the needs of your home and your family, figure out the budget, the number of hours, if an internal worker is required, note or define a schedule and  the tasks that must be performed.

Do you want to put yourself in the hands of the best professionals? Trust our agency and you will get an excellent job and unparalleled results from the hand of our philippine domestic service personnel. You can contact us through our contact form, or through our telephone number 691 131 573. In Luxury Philippine DS Agency you can hire from drivers, gardeners, staff who carries out domestic services to hotels, companies and offices.