philippine home staff agency

Philippine home staff agency – from a company perspective

We know that each home is different, which is why at Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency, one of the most respected Philippine home staff agencies in the country, and which is considered a leader in the sector, we give special value to all our clients to understand. We turn your needs and those of your home into our relentless search to find the perfect candidate for them.

We want to find the best and most effective personnel solutions for your home, be it a driver, a babysitter, a cleaning service or an efficient housekeeper who proactively handles different tasks and always takes care of all the actions that she performs. so that your employers are satisfied.

If you need a Philippine home staff agency, you will find the best template at Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency

At our Philippine home staff agency, we only hire the best staff. From domestic Filipinos for housework to babysitters, chefs, drivers or gardeners, among others. They all go through an extensive selection process by our team of consultants. Those chosen will access our staff and in a short time they will be working.


The recruitment work of our philippine home staff agency

To let you know a little more about us, we want to tell you more about our recruitment process. Because in our philippine home staff agency we have a team that meticulously examines each application that is presented to work with us. This allows us to have an extensive list of first-rate workers waiting to be assigned to your family.

Once you contact us, our actions as an agency go through:

  • Initial meeting with our hiring experts to learn about the candidate’s résumé and see if it fits the family’s needs for years of experience and knowledge.
  • Thoroughly examine and evaluate whether it meets the personal requirements sought: seriously, discreetly, kindly …
  • Compilation of skills, known tasks and requirements that must be fulfilled according to the role to be performed: driver, babysitter, housework, etc.
  • After interviewing several candidates, we collect the information and decide which of them will best fit the family and will be assigned to housing.

It is very important that you know that you have the possibility of having the replacements you need within the first 6 months. We hope, from our agency, that you do not need them and find your ideal domestic staff the first time.

If you want a first class domestic service, contact our philippine home staff agency. A company that is happy to help its clients can only guarantee first-hand performances from a selective, friendly and experienced team of Filipino workers who want to start working for you.