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This summer relax and enjoy with the best Filipino staff

After a year of hard work, in which obligations tighten and family reconciliation makes day-to-day difficult, summer is here and the perfect time to disconnect and recharge. Travel around the world, boat adventures, tours and meals on private islands, or the enjoyment of exclusive and tailor-made experiences are waiting for you to enjoy a dream vacation. And what better way than to relax and rest that with the help of the best Filipino staff. 

During vacation time there are no valid obligations. If you want to return to work and your routine with the strength and the vitality you need, it is important that you put aside all the tasks that will make you lose time dedicated to leisure and comfort. Therefore, hiring a cleaning and household staff will be the best option for you! And if they are of Filipino origin, the advantages will be even greater, because Filipino domestic service is currently the most valued throughout the world, thanks to its honesty, discretion, adaptation, efficiency and responsibility.

There is no doubt that the best option, to be able to rest and enjoy as you deserve during your holidays, is to have quality staff at your side, who can take care of everything you need at all times. And it is crucial that they can take care of the meals, take care of and have fun with the little ones at home, clean the provisional home in which they are during the holidays or their second residence, and that they perform other services necessary for the day to day.

 Your enjoyment and tranquility, our great objective at LPDS

If you are sure that you want to travel with a qualified and experienced staff, it is at this moment that Luxury Philippines Domestic Service enters the scene, to give you the possibility of hiring and enjoying professionalism, discipline, adaptation and honesty.

Our agency specializes in home services, hand in hand with the best Filipino employees. How have we managed to obtain the best team of domestic workers? Carrying out demanding interviews and demanding selection processes and hiring the best and most experienced. Thus, through our wide range of profiles, we will be able to select the most suitable for you and your needs.

For this reason, so that you can enjoy a relaxed holiday without any worries, we offer you a cleaning service, kitchen, chauffeurs, gardeners, babysitters and care for the elderly.

Do you want an excellent service during your vacation? Contact us and tell us what you need. After listening to your needs, we will choose the most suitable and efficient staff for you.