Filipino driver chauffer

Why do you need a Filipino prívate driver?

Moving around Barcelona and its surroundings could happen several times, especially when obligations knock on our door. At Luxury Philippine D.S. Agency wants to facilitate your travels through our Philippine driver chauffeur service, with which you will be able to take or collect the children from school, go shopping, attend an important meeting or arrive at work on time without having to worry about anything.

Having a trustworthy, professional, serious and discreet person is essential when we need the service of a private driver. Because putting something so important in the hands of professionals, such as being behind the wheel, requires the trust and commitment of a great professional. But do not worry, in our agency you can trust all our drivers, because they have been selected for being the best.

In this way, our experts have been selected because they have proven to have extensive experience as a private driver, transmit a high level of confidentiality, have a good image and represent perfect and essential qualities for the position: high level of English, others languages, knowledge of the city, the streets, car mechanics.

What functions does our Filipino chauffeur driver perform?


  • Keep the vehicle in perfect condition. Our professionals will consistently  keep the car clean so that it is always well taken care of.
  • Create an ideal and comfortable environment in the vehicle so that both you and your family members feel the comfort they need and want.
  • Take family members wherever they want, follow punctuality, whether to work, to an event, to school, to the airport …
  • They will help carry luggage, if necessary.
  • They will provide stability and security for families, since we are a solid company and our professionals have the desire and the dream of working with you for a long term.
  • They can also work in their office, if needed, to take their employees or clients wherever they want.


At Luxury Philippine D.S. Agency we offer you the possibility of contracting this service on a one-time basis or repeatedly of short or long term. In addition, we can also provide services part-time, full-time or only on weekends. It is up to you to decide. Forget about long queues, finding parking afterwards and arriving late to work or important places. With our private chauffeur service you can solve these problems quickly and efficiently.


If you want us to find you the perfect candidate for our Filipino driver chauffeur service, and you want me to make a quote for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guarantee an impeccable, safe and comfortable service, thanks to our contract.