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5 ideal times to hire a Filipino housekeeper

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services we believe that it is always a good time to receive the help of a Filipino housekeeper, but it is true that there are key stages where hiring her can change our lives. In the following article, we explain the tasks that a Filipina housekeeper can carry out in your home and the benefits of hiring her through LPDS.

The 5 key moments to receive help from LPDS

A moving: A change of house can be very stressful. The process of packing it all up, moving it, and rearranging it all seems to never end when it’s your turn. Moving into a new home can be much easier and more harmonious for your family with the help of an LPDS Filipino housekeeper. It will be able to help you arrange your things, wash and iron your clothes, order the kitchen and leave all the rooms clean for the new beginning.

A birth: Hiring a Filipino housekeeper can go a long way in reducing the stress of welcoming a new member into the family. The few hours of sleep and adaptation can be more bearable if you have professional help for order, cleaning, cooking and even baby care.

The holidays: The rest, both summer and winter, is a perfect time to receive help with household chores and thus be able to enjoy your free time more fully. Dedicating the holiday period to the things you like and spending quality time with your family is something possible with a Filipino housekeeper who will take care of all the domestic activities.

Parties: Not only on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, all the celebrations you want to do at home can be much easier with a Filipino housekeeper who provides you with professional assistance. Cooking, cleaning, ordering and serving are just some of the tasks that one of our experts can help you with.

Back to school: When the holidays are over and your house returns to normal, it is essential to have help to get back on track. Taking care of the children in what they need to reintegrate into the school dynamic and covering all the household chores, is a job that can be taken care of by one of our specially trained Filipino housekeepers.

LPDS has the solutions you need

Filipino housekeepers are widely valued and sought after around the world for their honesty, loyalty, discretion, great adaptability, efficiency and high quality of services.

At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency we have a large base of specially selected Filipino housekeepers to provide luxury services in different areas. Whatever household chore you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact us. As quickly as possible, we will select the most suitable candidates for your particular needs and take care of everything for your recruitment.

We provide services of:

Domestic services: All of our domestic workers are professionally specialized in the performance of domestic tasks related to the care and maintenance of the home.

Babysitters: The Filipino community stands out in its qualities for sweet, affectionate, committed and very patient people, who like to deal with the little ones at home.

Chefs: At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency we have Filipino cooks with extensive experience and specialized in preparing different styles of menus and diets.

Chauffeurs: If you are looking for a private chauffeur service that offers you security, privacy, punctuality, good appearance and that always keeps your car in the best conditions.

Gardeners: Our gardening professionals will always keep your garden, or that of your community of neighbors, in the best condition.

Care of the elderly: We have qualified internal or external personnel for the care of the elderly with or without dependency.

Staff for hotels, companies and offices: Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency makes the best selection of Filipino domestic service personnel available to all types of companies and businesses.

Contact us, and we are sure that we will quickly become your trusted domestic service agency. You will not regret!

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