Housekeeper Barcelona

Increase the well-being of your family with a housekeeper Barcelona

The difference that hiring a housekeeper in Barcelona can make for your family is immense. The professional services of the Luxury PDS experts can improve the coexistence with your loved ones, take care of your health and allow you a more pleasant lifestyle where the priority is your enjoyment.

The best Filipino staff is at Luxury PDS

The best housekeeper in Barcelona is Filipinas. At Luxury we know this perfectly thanks to the great experience we have in managing the hiring of Filipino domestic professionals.

Our candidates have many qualities that have made them, over time, the domestic service chosen by the most demanding clients.


The housekeeping service in Barcelona that we offer stands out above others because we trust that we have the best experts in domestic tasks.

Our housekeepers in Barcelona are characterized by:

  • Loyalty: The professional records of all our candidates guarantee it. In general, the labor relations with the families for which they work are long-lasting, which reflects the trust and commitment of our housekeepers in Barcelona.
  • Their great capacity for work: in keeping with the Asian philosophy of a job well done, the housekeepers in Barcelona from Luxury PDS always demonstrate their vocation for service.
  • Loving and patient attitude towards children. Their special preparation to attend to children in all their needs makes them unique.
  • Initiative, resolution and adaptation capacity: Our candidates demonstrate in each job their responsible involvement with each task. They are professionals very accustomed to adapting to new cultures and ways of life and that is why they are characterized by their ability to solve unforeseen events that may arise in the day-to-day life of any home.

Take care of your family with the services of Luxury PDS

Luxury’s housekeeping service in Barcelona is synonymous with quality and provides excellent results and benefits for all our clients.

Deciding to hire our services will allow you to save time before going to attend to household chores. In addition, it reduces the stress that daily responsibilities can generate.

A housekeeper in Barcelona will help ease the load and allow each member of the family to focus on other areas of life, such as work, study or leisure time together.

The impact on coexistence of the incorporation of professional domestic service is highly positive. Having a clean and tidy home contributes to creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for the whole family, which is very positive for general well-being.

Last but not least, it is essential to note that your family’s diet can also improve a lot of thanks to a housekeeper in Barcelona. You will have a professional who is in charge of preparing healthy and balanced meals according to the restrictions or food preferences of each one.

Luxury Philippines Domestic Services is the help you need

In our company, we are proud of the team of professionals that accompany us. All of our employees have gone through strict selection processes to assess their ability to provide luxury services in each area.

At Luxury PDS we want to be your ally to take care of all the domestic tasks you need, accompanying you in the hiring process and adaptation of each employee. We guarantee different replacements of personnel for six months, to ensure that our clients will always hire the most suitable household personnel for their needs and expectations.

In addition to housewives in Barcelona, we provide nationwide services for domestic services, babysitters, chefs, chauffeurs, philippine gardeners, care for the elderly, staff for hotels, companies and offices.

If you want to know more about any of our services, call us, and we will assist you without compromise,​ 900 101 669 (Free call) or 691 131 573 (Weekends & Holidays).

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