How does a good babysitter have to be?

Leaving our children in the hands of other people, even if they are professionals, is not always a good idea for parents. The problem is that it is often difficult to combine work or other demands of life with the schedules of the little ones. At Luxury Philippines D.S Agency we know how complicated this can be. That is why we have the best professionals to take care of your children. 

In our agency we know perfectly what a good babysitter should be like, so that you can be confident that your children are in good hands. Looking after children is a huge responsibility, and not everyone can do it, as you have to ensure their safety, interact with them and at the same time respect the family rules. 

We want to show you what qualities these professionals must have in order to develop their work optimally and meet the expectations of each family:

Vocation is the most important thing

In order to be able to spend hours and hours in charge of the little ones at home, it is important to have a clear vocation for children. Although being a nanny does not require explicit training, it is essential to have a passion for childcare. 

Being a nanny is not easy, so having a vocation and passion for this job will help you to perform the tasks with more security and confidence.


Cheerfulness, kindness and affection are a must

In order for children to feel comfortable and safe with their nannies, it is important that the professionals are kind, loving and cheerful with them. This attitude will make it easier to gain the children’s trust. 

Being responsible, it is a must for a babysitter

This job requires enormous responsibility. Looking after children is synonymous with timetables, rules, decisions, organisation and being in charge of the children every second and every minute.   

Being organised and clean, great qualities

It is important that a nanny also takes care of some household chores, organising toys and objects that are used for playing, doing homework or other activities that are carried out during the working day.  

There is no doubt that, in addition, a good babysitter will be clean, both in her appearance as well as in her habits.

Being patient, a very important aspect when dealing with children

A nanny must have a patient and calm character, as in her day-to-day work she will have to deal with tantrums, tears or children’s attitudes that can get on her nerves. Your personality and essence should be able to reassure the child and change the inappropriate attitude they are having at that moment. 


If you think you meet these qualities and you are willing to take care of the children of each family, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you require the service of babysitters, you can get more information on our website or by contacting us.