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Why should you take care of your garden in winter?

In spring and summer, our garden looks brilliant, with shiny and spectacular colours. However, in the cooler time of the year, it requires more demanding maintenance due to the lower temperatures. For this reason, at Luxury Phillipines D.S Agency we want to advise you to hire the service of a professional gardener to keep your outdoor area in perfect condition.

During the winter, it is time to clean up your garden, prune the bushes, remove the grass, the fallen leaves… However, day-to-day obligations are not compatible with being able to give your garden the time it deserves. So, don’t you think it’s time to put your outdoor space in the hands of professionals so that it looks good all year round and you can enjoy it in summer?

In our agency, our gardening professionals will carry out all the tasks that your garden requires on a weekly basis, whether it is your own garden or that of your community of neighbours. Taking care of this space in winter will ensure that the trees and plants flourish on sunny days and protect them from the cold.

But what services will our specialists provide?

  • They will keep the facilities and your garden clean.

  • They will water and fertilise the lawn.

  • They will trim hedges, shrubs and trees.

  • They will decorate your garden and maintain it so that your green space will be the envy of all your neighbours.

  • Lawn care, both natural and artificial.

  • Installation and maintenance of automatic watering systems.

  • Washing and maintenance of swimming pools.

  • Care of your vegetable garden.

Our specialists will have the necessary tools to offer you the best care and maintenance of your outdoor areas. In addition, as always, our rigorous selection of personnel will find the best candidate, who will adapt to you, your needs and those of your garden.

They will have the necessary training to be able to carry out all kinds of tasks in your courtyard or garden, they will know the most effective techniques to care for and maintain the trees, flowers or lawn in perfect condition; as well as the most common plague at this time of the year to eliminate them.

Don’t let your garden die in winter, put it in our hands. Find out more information about our service by contacting us.