philippine gardeners

Get a personally cared and specialized garden with deluxe philippine gardeners

There is nothing like having a well-tended and well-maintained garden to be able to enjoy it. Gardens do not take care of themselves and we do not always have time to dedicate ourselves to them, so, if this is the case, we recommend that you hire the services of one of our Philippine gardeners.

If you are looking for a domestic employee recruitment agency, this is undoubtedly Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency. With us you will achieve much more than a worker. You will have someone to trust your day to day, your routines, your home and who will be present in your life. That is why, in the search for the best employee, we take care of selecting the one who best fits their profile.

At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency we will find the gardener that best suits your needs

To do this, we look for people with competence in the sector, who understand the market and who have first-hand knowledge of the horticulture industry. Although our professionals are from the Philippines, a country with some of the most impressive landscape and gardening works all over the world, they have extensive knowledge of our flora.

Exclusive garden design with our Philippine gardeners

Our team of philippine gardeners will not only keep your grounds in perfect condition, but will also work to turn your garden into a work of art, using their knowledge to create design spaces that you can enjoy with the family or alone, or that can show off in front of your guests.

Our gardeners have the experience and skills necessary to care for plants, trees, flowers, and lawns. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of horticulture and land management, if we add the extreme love and care they exert in each of their actions, we guarantee a luxury garden from day one.

And, if you need someone who can make creative and unique designs that reflect your personal style and, of course, always keeping it in perfect condition, without a single leaf is out of place, of course our gardeners will get it, because they are ready to offer you only the greatest delicacy in each of your performances.

You know, if you want excellence, you will get it at Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency. Because we want to take care of all our clients in all areas: with a fit Philippine gardeners, with babysitters or exclusive domestic staff who take care of all their needs and that of their family, and with an excellent and trustworthy driver.